County in the Community – 10 Years On

22nd September 2023

We were pleased to join with partners to celebrate County in the Community’s 10-year anniversary this week.

County in the Community was established in 2013 and is now a registered charity carrying out youth engagement sessions at areas of high need in Newport.

Young people are engaged through sports and other activities, and County in the Community has received funding from my office to extend the number of sessions it offers each week.

The project aims to inspire young people to make positive change within their lives and within their community, provide disciple and structure, and help young people stay healthy and motivated.

This work is helping to reduce localised anti-social behaviour in the community, but the long-term benefits of this work must not be underestimated.

By offering children and young people the chance to take part in activities, by giving them a safe space and a safe face in their communities, and by offering them support from adult mentors, we are helping to reinforce good behaviours and positive thinking.

We are setting the groundwork that will enable them to have a happy and healthy future.