Commissioner Visits Specialist Centre for Domestic Abuse Victims

7th August 2013

Monmouthshire Multi Agency Centre or MAC is a one stop shop offering free and confidential advice and support for people suffering from, or at risk of, domestic abuse.

The Centre is based in Abergavenny, but serves all members of the community across Monmouthshire; men, women and young people/children in need help and advice.

There is confidential advice and support on offer at the centre in various areas including financial, housing, substance misuse and counselling. Some of the agencies based there include New Pathways, Women's Aid, Llamau, Victim Support and The Dyn Project.

Mr Johnston said; "I was very grateful to be invited back to the Multi Agency Centre in Abergavenny. The work going on at the Centre is extensive, and vital in supporting those in our communities who may be at their most vulnerable. The MAC team are experts in what they do and I would really encourage anyone who thinks they would benefit from their assistance to get in touch."

Rachel Allen, the Monmouthshire Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Coordinator said;

"We were pleased to have the opportunity to discuss our plans for the Centre with Mr Johnston. His commitment to ensure all victims are safer and protected was evident and we are delighted with his ongoing support for this area of work.

"Domestic abuse has wide and complex implications on people's lives, therefore it is essential that our response to survivors and victims when seeking help, advice or information is timely, appropriate and multi facetted. We have worked hard in partnership to ensure that there is a wide variety of services available within the Multi Agency Centre to meet all the needs of victims and survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

"We also recognise that Monmouthshire is a large county and have plans in place to ensure that we have a presence and drop in service within the south of the county too. This is a key priority and we are working in partnership with the agencies and council to ensure this is in place as swiftly as possible."

Jacqueline Hay, Head of Women's Services / Domestic Abuse services at Llamau, added,
"It was great to be able to welcome Mr Johnston back to the Centre following our re-launch last year. We were honoured that on his very first day in Office he chose to spend time at the MAC, highlighting the importance of the services available to victims of domestic abuse. By visiting again today, Mr Johnston demonstrates his ongoing support, and we do hope he visits again soon, continuing to raise awareness of domestic abuse in Monmouthshire and the vital services we provide."

You can call into the Centre on Monk Street, Abergavenny between 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am - 4.30pm on a Friday. No appointments are necessary.

Alternatively you can email them at, or call 01873 733 590.