Briefing with UK Policing Minister

11th November 2021

This week I joined Police and Crime Commissioner colleagues from across the country for a briefing with the UK’s policing minister, Kit Malthouse.

The horrific murder of Sarah Everard took priority on the agenda. The Minister confirmed that reducing rape and sexual assaults on women and girls will be a feature of the government’s policy work going forward. He also advised that vetting for new police officers will be strengthened, with particular observance to the code of practice produced by the College of Policing.

I was pleased to hear that the Safer Streets fund, which Gwent has benefited from in recent years, will continue. The Minister stated that the Government is asking for projects in rural areas, and this is something we will now discuss with Gwent Police and local authority partners with a view to making further bids.

He also advised us that work has started on a funding formula which will determine how much money Gwent Police will receive in future years. Just over 50 per cent of Gwent Police’s budget comes from central government currently, with the rest coming from local council tax payers.

Deciding how much residents should pay towards policing through their council tax is one of my responsibilities and not one I take lightly. I am currently asking for residents to give me their views on this and other issues, so please take a few minutes to have your say.