Boxing lessons are a massive hit with Maindee children

13th August 2020

Children from Maindee in Newport have spent an afternoon practising their boxing skills with the gold medal winning boxer Sean McGoldrick.

The session was run by Newport Live Positive Futures which is funded by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent to provide sports and other positive activities to children who are at risk from becoming involved in crime and antisocial behaviour.

Since the Welsh Government eased social distancing measures for children under the age of 11, Positive Futures has been able to resume some targeted activities with small groups in priority areas.

The children also spent time practising their football and basketball skills.

Martine Smith, teacher at Maindee Primary School, said: “We have been keeping in touch with our children during lockdown and we know that they are missing friends and many have been spending a huge amount of time indoors.

“This session has been fantastic for the children and has been a respite for them. To be outside, getting some physical exercise with their friends is great for their physical and mental health.”

Police and Crime Commissioner Jeff Cuthbert said: “Newport Live Positive Futures gives young people that need it most the opportunity to channel their energy in positive and productive ways.

“It helps to steer young people away from potentially committing antisocial behaviour or crime, and instead helps them to stay healthy while having fun with their friends.

“It is fantastic to see sessions being delivered again after so long.”