ASB not a police problem but a partnership problem

19th July 2022

“We all have a collective responsibility to tackle antisocial behaviour” says APCC Local Policing Leads.

APCC Local Policing Leads reinforce the collective responsibility that we all have in tackling antisocial behaviour as part of ASB Awareness Week this week.

The week which runs from 18 – 25 July aims to raise awareness of the impact of antisocial behaviour in our communities and inform the wider public about the vital role we all play in tackling ASB.

APCC Local Policing Leads and Police and Crime Commissioners Steve Turner and Jeff Cuthbert said: “Antisocial behavior has a devastating impact on victims and communities and can threaten fundamental aspects of everyday life.

“Nobody should feel frightened, threatened or unsafe in their own community and prevention is absolutely key in ensuring those who engage in antisocial behaviors do not continue down a path of causing further distress and harm within our communities.

“What is important to reiterate is that antisocial behaviour is not a policing issue; it is a partnership issue.

“Police and Crime Commissioners play a crucial role in bringing together partners and agencies to tackle issues in the community on behalf of the public. Tackling antisocial behaviour is a key priority highlighted in all police and crime plans in England and Wales. As the voice of the public, we continue to fund preventative project and initiatives and work with partners to support vulnerable young people.

“Nationally we are working with all PCCs reviewing the tools, powers and levers to respond and prevent ASB locally.”