Anti-social behaviour In Focus

5th November 2021

I am pleased to have co-authored the introduction for the Association of Police and Crime Commissioner’s latest report into anti-social behaviour.

As an APCC lead for ASB I take this issue incredibly seriously. Police and Crime Commissioners are elected to act as the public’s voice in policing, and what we hear right across England and Wales is that anti-social behaviour matters to local people. That is why anti-social behaviour features so prominently in my Police and Crime Plan.

But tackling anti-social behaviour is not just a job for the police. Many of the underlying issues which can lead to anti-social behaviour require a partnership response – things like inadequate housing, alcohol and drugs abuse, and social deprivation. Earlier this year the Beating Crime Plan detailed the Government’s commitment to reduce crime, protect victims, and keep our communities safe. PCCs were already driving local activity. Now the Beating Crime Plan will hopefully galvanise more partners to come together and join us in stopping anti-social behaviour in its tracks.

You can read the full report on the APCC website.