A positive future for young people in Maindee

9th July 2021

This week I was delighted to see confident, empowered young people from Maindee delivering a workshop to adults that looked at the dangers of knife crime and drugs.
The young people aged between 10 and 11 years of age demonstrated their extensive understanding of the subjects, that they have learnt whilst taking part in part in a series of Early Intervention sessions, led by Positive Futures and Newport Youth Justice service. 
Early Intervention sessions aim to change hearts and minds of young people in living in disadvantaged and deprived areas of Gwent. Positive Futures is funded by my office and offers unique opportunities for young people in Gwent via individual referrals, targeted groups and open access diversionary provision.
The Positive Futures programme works across Gwent with a range of partners including Youth Justice Board, Gwent Police, local authorities and local sports organisations Newport County and Dragons Community to provide diversionary activities designed to dissuade young people entering the criminal justice system.
For more information: https://www.newportlive.co.uk/en/community-support/community-sport-and-wellbeing/our-projects-programmes-and-initiatives/positive-futures/

I am proud that my Police Community Fund also supports a wide range of projects across Gwent that empower young people to take a positive path in life and not choose a life of criminality. For more information: www.gwent.pcc.police.uk/en/what-we-spend/commissioning/police-community-fund