Does the Police Force Have to Abide by Common Law

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Date Added: Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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Can you please advise and confirm that


1) The constabulary has to abide by the Common law of the land as opposed to any other laws which are all unlawful and do not protect the rights of the sovereign people.


2) Every sovereign entity has the right to still remain innocent until proven guilty and NO business or entity can override it under any circumstances.


3) During the course of an investigation, the police must speak with all affected parties and or witnesses.


4) During the course of an investigation the constables must review all evidence presented / offered to them before they make a final decision.


5) Please explain the differences between a non ranked  officer and a constable.


6) That if somene says they understand to a member of the force, that it means they STAND UNDER a different jurisdiction other than that of common law.


7) Who and how we the sovereign people can make complaints about rogue members of the force, I.e.Telephone .


8) Can we still make those complaints anonymous.


9) Please explain the differences between lawful and legal from the police constabulary's point of view.


10) Are the police force and court system registered businesses.


11)  The sovereign folk have to give you consent before you can do anything to them.


12) We the sovereign people can still remain anonymous when reporting crime / anti - social behavior etc


13) The constabulary cannot cherry pick the crimes they want to investigate.


14) The constabulary must listen and not rudely put the phone down on the sovereign people.





Thank you for your request under the Freedom of Information Act (the Act).  Under Section 8 (1)(b) of the Act you are required to provide your full name when submitting a request.  The guidance in this area issued by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) states that "the requester must provide enough of their real name to give anyone reading that request a reasonable indication of their identity".  Paragraph 25 of this guidance states that "Any variation of the requester's title or first name combined with their surname (e.g. Mr Smith or John Smith) will be sufficient to meet this requirement.  However, a first name or surname provided in isolation, or a set of initials, will not".  The link to this guidance can be found on the ICO's website below:


Also please note that the Act only covers recorded information held by an organisation, there are a number of questions you have submitted below that are not in relation to information that we may hold as your opening remark is for us to "advise and confirm" and many of the questions you ask are statements rather than requests for information.  It is also not the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner or his office to be involved or to advise on the investigatory process which a number of your questions refer to; operational policing falls within the remit of the Chief Constable.  We are also only able to provide information that we hold, we are unable to provide any information that Gwent Police hold in response to your request.  If you would like to submit a request to Gwent Police then please contact them on


I have included a link below to some guidance that is available on the ICO's website that may help you when making requests under the Act.


If you wish to make a complaint about the service you have received from Gwent Police then our Public Response Unit may be able to assist further, the contact details can be found on our website:


As your original request is not deemed to be valid under the Act, I have closed the request and a further response will not be sent. 


Please could you review the request you have submitted based on my response above and submit a new FOI request, providing your full name and reviewing the questions you wish to submit, if required.