The Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent has agreed to support the funding request for the post of the All Wales Integrated Offender Management Senior Analyst

Reference Number: PCCG-2022-020

Date Added: Tuesday, August 9, 2022


Each partner agreed the financial contribution at the All Wales Criminal Justice Board in July 2019. 

The post has been vacant since November 2021 and the contribution made by Gwent up to June 2022 was £5,496.17.  A decision has been made by partners to recruit into the post again and new 24-month contract is to be awarded. 

The previous commitment to contribute £16,765.76 until January 2023 was made, and an actual contribution of £5,496.17 has been paid to date. The most recent request is for a commitment of £18,000 from Gwent OPCC until July 2024. The Police and Crime Commissioner has agreed to increase his outstanding original financial contribution by £6,730.41 and for the length of the commitment to be extended by a period of 18 months to July 2024.