The Police and Crime Commissioner agreed to award funding for 2021/22 to New Pathways and Cyfannol Women’s Aid to ensure the continuation of their services in support of victims of sexual offences in Gwent.

Reference Number: PCCG-2020-057

Date Added: Thursday, March 4, 2021


The following amounts were awarded:

£348,515 to New Pathways to contribute to the delivery of Sexual Violence Services in 2021/2022, including the following services:

* SARC services;

* Core ISVA services;

* Additional ISVA’s - Children and Young People ISVA; Mental Health ISVA and Community ISVA;

* Children’s Therapy; and

* Adult Counselling.

£69,500 to Cyfannol Women’s Aid to contribute to the delivery of their Horizon Support Services which include:

* Adult Counselling; and

* ISVA services.

The funding will also contribute to management and administration costs.