Diversion Schemes

In October 2015, the Women’s Pathfinder Diversion Scheme was implemented within Gwent. Part-funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner, the pilot scheme was set up to divert lower risk women away from the criminal justice system and into voluntary community interventions and support.  Under the current process, women with complex needs, often victims themselves, receive the support they need to help them address any underlying issues, to avoid future contact with the police and build positive relationships with their families and wider communities.

The Pathfinder Diversion Scheme has proven success in supporting women in terms of reduced reoffending and improved intermediate outcomes, with additional benefits such as reduced victimisation and costs to policing and other services.

The Commissioner has committed to providing diversion schemes for all low level and first time offenders in Gwent.  To increase the opportunities available to eligible individuals and further support diversion of vulnerable people away from the criminal justice system, the OPCC and Gwent Police are building on the Women’s Pathfinder Scheme to develop additional pathways for young people aged 18 to 25, ex-service personnel, and adult males.  Phased implementation is due to commence in the summer of 2019 with the introduction of the 18 to 25 programme.  These developments will ensure that anyone in Gwent meeting the diversion criteria is given the opportunity to address offending behaviour whilst accessing services and support appropriate to their needs.