Monitoring Force Performance

Performance management in Gwent as always been recognised as not just being the preserve of ‘specialists’ such as performance analysts, nor is it just the concern of the force executive or senior managers. It forms a golden thread that connects the strategic objectives set out by the Commissioner and chief officers on behalf of the public, to the work of support departments and Local Policing Units, to the actions of teams and individuals. It relates directly to what any member of staff is required to do in the ordinary course of their role.

Effective performance management in policing does not just rest with those in forces, either. It lies with all who contribute to policing – including national bodies such as the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), and others locally with a wider interest in policing and associated community safety.

Utilising a number of internal and external (to the force) performance data sources, force performance is monitored by the Commissioner whilst performance management remains a Chief Constable domain.

To ensure efficient and effective performance monitoring, a performance monitoring framework has been devised to suit the requirements of the Commissioner and the staff of the Commissioner's office acting on his behalf.

Policing priorities in your area 

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner aims to promote and encourage the involvement of local people in shaping policing priorities and we would like to hear from you about issues affecting your community that you think Gwent Police should concentrate on.

The information you provide when you contact us will be taken into consideration and used to set the policing priorities for Gwent.

More information on local crime and policing can be found in the Local Policing Plan.  In due course, the Commissioner will develop a new Police and Crime Plan for Gwent.

To find out how Gwent Police is performing in your area, visit the Home Office website,

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