Front-Line Policing Officers, Number of Police Station Closures and Home Office Official Visits to PCC

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Date Added: Thursday, March 17, 2016

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1. How many of the police officers in your force area work on the operational frontline? How many were on the operational frontline on January 1st 2012?

2. How many police stations have closed in your area since you took office?

3. Could you provide details of how often Home Office ministers have made an official visit to you in your capacity as Police and Crime Commissioner? Specifically, I would like to know the date of the visit, who the minister was, and what was the official purpose of that visit.




1. The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner does not hold this information. You may wish to submit your request to Gwent Police on

2. During the current term of office, which commenced in November 2012, four police stations have been closed:

• Abercarn (2014) – replaced with a combination of mobile police station, local police surgeries and on-going consultation through the Your Voice survey
• Cwmfelinfach (2014) – replaced as above
• Fochriw (2014) – replaced as above
• Gilwern (2014) – premises are used when a police officer is in the area

Please note that where police station buildings have closed, services have been moved into nearby shared locations. Therefore, a closure has not been recorded when local re-provision has taken place. Premises that have not been replaced or have been replaced by a mobile police station have been recorded as a closure.

Information on the current Estate Strategy is available on the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner website

3. The Commissioner has not received any official visits from Home Office ministers in his current capacity.