Grant Funding for Victims of Stalking

Reference: 16004

Date Added: Thursday, February 11, 2016

Category: Finance

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1. In the financial years 2013-2014, 2014-15 and 2015 - present, how many grants were awarded in which at least one of the outputs/outcomes was to provide services to victims of stalking? This could be any service to help victims e.g. counselling, information and advice, casework however the outcome must have specifically referred to working with victims of stalking.

1a. How many of these grants were towards work which was open to victims of stalking who were not being targeted by an ex-partner?

2. What was the total monetary value of these grants?

3. Which organisations were they awarded?




2013-14 = None
2014-15 = None
2015-present = 1.

For future reference all grants awarded by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner are required to be published on our website as per the Specified Information Order. This information can be found on either of the following links:

1a. 1

2. £10,000

3. The organisation that bid for the money was the Network for Surviving Stalking. They were successful in their bid but as they wanted to develop a multi-media campaign/film, the grant was actually provided to the Gwent Independent Film Trust (GIFT) Ltd who had expertise in this area and were able to assist in the production of the film.