Detail of PCC\'s Diary July to December 2015

Reference: 16003

Date Added: Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Category: Miscellaneous

Disclosure Details



1. Please provide the time and date of each appointment or event, and a summary of what it was about. The estimated duration of the appointment would be appreciated if it is easily accessible.

(‘Meeting with Chief Constable’ would, for instance, be fine as a summary – I’m not looking for a detailed agenda for each appointment.)

I’m not interested in appointments where someone deputised for the PCC. Please also indicate dates when the PCC was on leave.

Where entries need to be redacted, please still provide the time and date of the appointment, as part of my research is to establish how many meetings the PCC has had.




1. Please find spreadsheet attached (as requested) detailing the date, estimated length of appointment and a summary of what the meeting was about. Please note that the estimated times of meetings are just that – some meetings may have lasted longer, others shorter than the time allocated in the Commissioner’s diary. Also please note that Commissioners are not allocated a set number of ‘leave’ days per year.