Use of Social Media and Archiving of Data/website

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Date Added: Sunday, July 12, 2015

Category: Miscellaneous

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1. What social media accounts does your organisation uses to keep citizens informed?

2. Which department within the organisation manages the social media?

3. Is the social media output archived for;
a. Compliance

b. FOI requests

c. Historical purposes

d. Digital archaeology

4. Does your organisation archive its website?




1. Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner also have an App that can be downloaded by the public via the I Tunes store.

2. The Communications Manager is responsible for the management of social media within the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

a. No

b. No

c. No

d. No

4. The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner does not archive its website. When Police and Crime Commissioners replaced Police Authorities in November 2012, Police Authority websites were archived by the British Library.