Investigations into Opponents of Unison and Query on Unison Subsidies by Gwent Police

Reference: 13036

Date Added: Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Category: Miscellaneous

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These questions are being addressed to the office of the PCC.

1. Has Gwent Police ever launched investigations into the opponents of unison and their client organisations at the behest of the union; if so how many and what eventual outcomes were realised?

2. Why has Gwent Police refused to investigate the support that unison provides to uaf and hope not hate, and the activities of the aforementioned groups in the Gwent area?

3. Please fully explain your justification for the continued payment of operational subsidies that Gwent police provide to unison.




1. No information held

2. No information held

3. No information held

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent does not hold any of the information that you have requested. You may wish to submit your request to Gwent Police on