Payments to Chief Police Officers

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Date Added: Monday, June 24, 2013

Category: Finance

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Please provide specific details (names, rank, amounts and reasons) of all payments including payments in kind, gifts, bonuses, retention payments, recruitment payments, allowances, payment of fees, health insurance etc made to chief police officers (assistant chief constable and above) for each of the past five years ( 2008-9 to 2012/13) which were outside the national PNB agreements, the Police Regulations or other determinations or approvals of the Secretary of State.

Further question was submitted on 12th August 2013:

Further to your response, I would be grateful if you would clarify some payments referred to in the annual statement of accounts but which aren\'t specified as to what they are. In particular:

What specifically was the \'other pay\' to Mr Giannasi of £7,970 and the \'other pay\' of £10,207 provided to his predecessor, the \'other pay\' of £2,360 to the deputy chief constable and the £8,183 to the assistant chief constable?

Other pay of £8,101 to Mr Giannasi, and £3,371 and £7,502 other pay to assistant chief constables.

\'Other payments\' of 13589 to Mr Giannasi and £2,360 to a deputy chief constable £1,686 and £5,065 to assistant chief constables.

In 2011/12:
Other payments of £4,046 to the deputy chief constable and assistant chief constable.

If similar payments have been made in 2012/13 I would be grateful if these were detailed and similarly explained.




See attached document for response to intital request

Response to further request received on 12th August 2013 was provided on 21st August 2013 and is detailed below:

Further to you query the “Other Payments” relate to Housing/Rent Allowances and their Compensatory Grants.

For 2012/13 similar payments have been made totalling;

DCC Farrar £4,046
ACC Prince £4,046
ACC Symes £152 (March13)