Office Expenditure

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Date Added: Thursday, May 9, 2013

Category: Finance

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a. The total amount spent claimed by your office on newspapers, magazines and periodicals since 16 November 2012

b. The total amount spent by your office on hospitality since 16 November 2012 including dates and details of any guests attending and venue

c. The total amount spent by your office on plants, shrubs or flowers since 16 November 2012

d. The total amount spent on furnishing and/or redecorating your office including furniture, carpeting, wall coverings and any other kind of decoration including pictures since 16 November 2012




a. £115.00 on a weekly magazine subscription

1. 21st November 2012, £396 on buffet for the last day of the Police Authority, Police Headquarters. Guests included: Police Authority Members, Former Police Authority Members, Chief Officer Team, Police Authority Secretariat, Incoming Police and Crime Commissioner and 5 guests, Lord Lieutenant, Chief Executive of WLGA, Staff Associations, Heads of Department, Chief Superintendents, Former Director of Finance, Ethical Standards Committee Members (Decision made under the Police Authority)

2. 4th March 2013, £33.90, New House Hotel, Cardiff, Working Lunch between Commissioner and Professor Russell Deacon

3. 5th March 2013, £83.85, Llanfrechfa Gate LLP, Working Lunch between Dave Cording, Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner

4. 8th April 2013, £423, Parkway Hotel, Cwmbran, Hosted All Wales Policing Group. Guests included: Four Welsh Commissioners, Dyfed Powys, Gwent, South Wales Chief Constables, Four Welsh Chief Executives, Head of the National Crime Agency, President of ACPO, All Wales Policy Officer.

Some attendees only came to provide presentations and did not participate in any hospitality provided.

C. £25 on flowers for the out going Chair of Gwent Police Authority (Decision made under the Police Authority)

D. None