Recruitment and Annual Costs of OPCC, Police and Crime Panel and Police Authority

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Date Added: Monday, April 8, 2013

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a) Please state the new appointments to paid roles made by the force’s Police and Crime Commissioner – listing name, job title, remuneration and contracted hours for the role.

b) Please state, for each employee, any previous professional or personal relationship between the employee and the elected commissioner. Please state whether the relationship was personal (for example, acquaintance or friendship) or professional, indicating the details of the prior working relationship (i.e. members of the same political party, election assistant, colleague in private industry etc).

c) For each post, please state the number of people interviewed for the role and, where possible, any prior relationships (professional and personal) between the candidates and the police commissioner. Please state the recruitment process – including whether the position was advertised and those involved in selecting the successful candidate. If the police and crime panel has either publicly or privately endorsed or rejected an appointment, please declare this and provide any available details.

d) Finally, where possible, state the total estimated annual cost of the office of the police commissioner (including salaries and allowances for the associated police and crime panel) and the total cost of the police authority and its administrative staff in its final year of operation




a) Mr Paul Harris, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, £52,500 per annum, 37 hours per week

b) Mr Paul Harris, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner, is the only employee with any previous professional or personal relationship with the Commissioner. He is a friend and former colleague at Gwent Police.

c) No recruitment process took place. The Police and Crime Panel publically endorsed the appointment on the 11th January 2013

d) The estimated annual cost of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for 2013/14 is £756,700
We do not hold information on the costing of the Police and Crime Panel. Please refer to the host Authority, Caerphilly County Borough Council

The last available full year budget of the Police Authority and its administrative staff is for 2011/12. The projected budget was £759,700.