Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner Logo

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Date Added: Thursday, January 24, 2013

Category: Miscellaneous

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a) A list of companies contacted/invited to bid for the design of the logo for the Office of Police & Crime Commissioner

b) The cost of the finished work and who it was borne by

c) A list and breakdown of items bought up to 31/12/12 which used the logo (headed paper, stage back drops, posters etc)




a) Not applicable – see below.

b) The Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner logo was designed in-house by the Gwent Police Corporate Communications department. There was no cost as this was a scheduled piece of core business.

c) 2 x, 850mm width pull up banners – total cost £370
Business Cards (250 for Commissioner and 250 for OPCC Chief Executive) – total cost £75