How to make a complaint against the PCC and DPCC

The PCC is a representative of the community and must conduct themselves in a way that does not discredit their office. The PCC is subject to a Code of Conduct which sets out the expected standards of personal conduct and ethical standards of behaviour.

The Gwent Police and Crime Panel (the Panel) is the Appropriate Authority for dealing with complaints against the PCC or the Deputy PCC, however, any allegation of misconduct or any complaint deemed to be serious will be referred to the IOPC. The Panel will only deal with a serious complaint or allegation of misconduct if it has been referred back by the IOPC.

If you wish to make a complaint about the PCC or DPCC, you should download the complaints form provided on the Panel’s website. All complaints should be addressed to:

Gwent Police and Crime Panel
Ty Penallta
Tredomen Park
Ystrad Mynach
CF82 7PG



Further information about making a complaint against the PCC or DPCC can be found by visiting the Police and Crime Panel website.

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