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The Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent is Mr Jeff Cuthbert, B.Sc., MCIPD.


Jeff Cuthbert was elected as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent on Sunday May 8 2016 after standing down as the Welsh Assembly Member for Caerphilly

Born in Glasgow, Jeff moved to Cardiff at a young age and studied mining engineering at University College, Cardiff

After a successful career as an engineer, Jeff went on to work in education, working with the Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC) and serving on the boards of several educational institutions including Cardiff University and The College, Ystrad Mynach

First elected to the National Assembly for Wales in 2003, he served as Deputy Minister for Skills (2011-2013, with the Technology brief added in 2013) and then Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty (2013-2014), in which role he introduced the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act

Jeff previously chaired the Welsh Assembly's Committee on Standards of Conduct, and was a member of the Enterprise and Business Committee and the Environment and Sustainability Committee.

His priorities for policing in Gwent include:

  • Providing more accessible policing on our streets and in our communities;
  • Ensuring that crimes such as domestic abuse, hate crime, child exploitation, and modern slavery continue to have the attention that they deserve;
  • Further developing and maintaining good community cohesion;
  • Working with the voluntary sector to facilitate their involvement in wider partnership working;
  • Working with the Chief Constable so that the principles of social justice become the cornerstone of police practice;
  • Working with the Welsh Government and the devolved public services on practical issues of support such as the provision of the additional Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) for Gwent.

£71,400 per annum

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Commissioner's Oath of Office  

The Commissioner has signed an Ethical Checklist as provided by the Committee on Standards in Public Life in their report 'Tone from the top - leadership, ethics and accountability'. The checklist provides information about the ethical approach the Commissioner will adopt to promote, support and sustain high standards whilst in office.

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