Information on PFI Postcodes, Fines and Deductions

Reference: 16011

Date Added: Dydd Mercher, 10 Awst 2016

Category: Finance

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I am writing to you as part of a request for information on the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts held by all public authorities. In general, I am hoping to use this data to make meaningful comparisons on the land involved in different PFI sectors and across PFI schemes. I am also hoping to understand better patterns of PFI contract monitoring and enforcement through my request for information on deductions and disputes.

Because of the large number of PFI schemes and public bodies involved in this request, I am also requesting that responses are entered into the information into the spreadsheet attached rather than being providing in an email, making the requests easier for me to process and analyse.

I appreciate that it is not usual to be asked to complete an FOI request in such a way, but in a smaller pilot of authorities this did not seem to pose a problem and responses were logged in the spreadsheet I provided. The Act, as I understand it, allows for this: Section 11 allows me to express a preference for the format of the response and in this case it would be for the authority to complete the spreadsheet attached. Furthermore, although it isn’t the letter of the law, the spirit of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 is that government should be responsive to the needs of data-analysts.

I would also say that the information is limited to a narrow subject area and so the public body’s records are likely to be held in a single location I would not imagine the request would take more than 18 hours to process.
That said, I am happy to correspond with the parties to this request over email if there are particular parts that are more problematic than I would have hoped.
The Request
Sheet 1 Postcodes
Treasury records – Yellow – because the name of individual PFI projects can sometimes change I have asked you to provide in addition to the name, the Unique HMT ID number that identifies a PFI scheme on the HM Treasury spreadsheet so that I can




1. Sheet 1 – Postcodes

Information provided in the attached spread sheet.

2. Sheet 2 – Fines and Deductions

There have been no fines or deductions recorded.