Compliance with Transparency Requirements

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Date Added: Dydd Mercher, 30 Hydref 2013

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PCC transparency criteria

a. Who they are and what they do (4 criteria)
a1. {U} The names and contact details of the PCC and Deputy PCC
a2. {U} Information about the internal structures of the office of the PCC, including: i) organograms (with names of senior staff, if they agree); ii) salary bands; iii) demographics, including ethnicity, gender and disability (by proportion)
a3. {U} Information about any arrangements that the PCC has to make use of the staff of the chief officer of police or a local authority
a4. {U} The identity of any premises or land owned by, or occupied for the purpose of the work of the PCC

b. What they spend and how they spend it (8 criteria)
b1. {FY} The budget for the office of the PCC, including: i) all planned expenditure; ii) all anticipated revenue sources; iii) the planned precept levels; iv) the draft precept (which must go before the PCP for comment); v) the response to the PCP’s report on the proposed precept
b2. {M} Details of each grant (including crime and disorder reduction grant) made by the PCC, including: i) the conditions (if any) attached to the grant; ii) the recipient of the grant; iii) the purpose of the grant; iv) the reasons why the body considered that the grant would secure, or contribute to securing, crime and disorder reduction in the body’s area, where appropriate
b3. {M} Information as to any item of expenditure over £500 (other than crime and disorder reduction grants) by the PCC or the Chief Officer, including: i) the recipient; ii) the purpose of the expenditure; iii) the reasons why the PCC or Chief Officer considered that VfM would be achieved (except contracts over £10,000)
b4. {Q} Allowances and Expenses – details of the allowances and expenses that have been claimed or incurred by the PCC and Deputy PCC. Police and Crime Commissioners and their Deputies should publish a breakdown of their expenses including: i) their name, force area, financial year, month, date, claim reference num




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