Criminal Justice Board

The Gwent Criminal Justice Strategy Board sits at the centre of the criminal justice system in Gwent. It brings together local criminal justice agencies to promote joined-up criminal justice processes across a range of areas.

The Board aims to work in partnership to provide a fair, efficient and effective criminal justice system across Gwent that prevents, reduces and responds to crime and anti-social behaviour, whilst focusing on the needs of victims and witnesses.


Core members of the Criminal Justice Strategy Board are:

There are also a number of co-opted members, including:

The Criminal Justice Strategy Board and the Police and Crime Commissioner

One of the Commissioner's wider responsibilities includes overseeing and working with criminal justice partners to ensure an efficient and effective criminal justice system for Gwent.  In order to fulfil these duties, the Commissioner currently chairs the Gwent Criminal Justice Strategy Board.

As an established and experienced body, the Board provides the Commissioner with an ideal forum to discuss criminal justice issues with agency representatives at an appropriate level.  The Board also provides the Commissioner with the opportunity to learn about issues within the criminal justice system and to consider and recommend remedies to such matters with partners.

By working together with the Board, the Commissioner is able to agree pan-Gwent strategies that help ensure a consistent, efficient and effective approach to local criminal justice issues.


The Criminal Justice Strategy Board also has links with a range of Gwent-wide and all-Wales partnerships that support the criminal justice system.  There are also a range of sub-groups that focus on specific matters.

Notable Achievements

Notable achievements and progress made by the Gwent Criminal Justice Strategy Board are published on an annual basis.

Notable Achievements 2017-18


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