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Funding Projections

Funding Projections

The 2013/14 budget setting round addresses the third year of the current Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR).  During the 4 year CSR period (2011/12 to 2014/15), the organisation will experience a 15.5% reduction in Core Central Government Funding (received from the Home Office and Welsh Government).  The 2013/14 effect is a reduction of 1.6%.  Forecasting beyond the current CSR period, during 2015/16 and 2016/17 a further 2.5% reduction in Core Central Government Funding is expected.

The Council Tax Precept (Band D equivalent) will increase by 2.66% in 2013/14 to £198.23.  Furthermore, the Council Tax Base (i.e. the band D equivalent of the number of properties upon which Council Tax Precept is levied) is estimated to increase by 0.30% in 2013/14.  Therefore the total increase in council tax collected will be 2.97% on 2013/14.  For the remaining duration of this plan, from 2014/15 onwards, precept is expected to grow by 2.66% per annum and the base by 0.88% per annum (allowing for the one-off impact in 2013/14 of the Council Tax Support Scheme).

As part of the CSR announcements in 2010, the Home Office confirmed that in future there will be fewer grants, and to that end, in 2011/12 began the absorption of previously standalone specific grants into Core Central Government Funding.  This policy continues into 2013/14, with Home Office Community Support Officer (CSO) grant becoming absorbed into Core Central Government Funding and the Drug Intervention Programme Grant (testing on arrest) removed in its entirety.  A small number of specific grants will remain outside the Core Central Government Funding.

The following grants previously given directly to organisations outside the force will be received and administered by me from 2012/13:

·Youth Offending Teams (YOTS - Early Intervention);

·Community Safety Fund (CSF) (from 2013/14 onwards);

·Drug Intervention Programme (DIP - wider intervention and management of re-offenders) (from 2013/14 onwards);

·Victims’ Services (from 2014/15 onwards).

The timing, longevity and governance of the above grants will be determined during 2013/14.

The Home Office have provisionally confirmed the level of capital funding for 2013/14 and this forms the basis of the draft Capital Programme for 2013/14.