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This is the first Police and Crime Plan issued by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent. It covers the period April 2013 – March 2017 and outlines my vision and priorities for policing and community safety across the Gwent Police area.  

My role as the Police and Crime Commissioner is to ensure that the policing needs of Gwent’s communities are met so that people are safe, and have confidence in and satisfaction with the services provided by the police.

Building on the strong foundations already in place, I will work with partners to continue to develop a joined-up approach to preventing and reducing crime, tackling Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), making sure that victims are at the centre of the services delivered, and provide the public with a voice in policing matters. I will do this by:

·Setting, issuing and updating this Police and Crime Plan for Gwent

·Setting the Force budget, the policing element of council tax (precept) and awarding crime and disorder reduction grants

·Holding the Chief Constable, and other partners commissioned to provide services, to account for the delivery of police and crime priorities

·Regularly engaging with communities and victims of crime

·Working in partnership to deliver effective criminal justice and other related services to the public of Gwent

·Having regard to the priorities of community safety partners in delivering policing services

I have also given consideration to the Strategic Policing Requirement, issued by the Home Secretary, to ensure that I understand its requirements and that Gwent Police are able to meet regional, national and international policing responsibilities, such as organised crime and counter terrorism. 

While the Chief Constable retains the direction and control of her police officers and police staff, in carrying out my role I will not impede the operational independence of the police service; however, I will hold the Chief Constable to account for the delivery of the priorities outlined in this plan which are within her direction and control.

Link to The Policing Protocol

In turn, I will be held to account, supported and scrutinised by a Police and Crime Panel, a body consisting of local councillors and independent members.  

I will also be supported by an Audit Committee (held jointly with the Chief Constable), which will provide advice and assurance on matters relating to the business of the Force and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. 

In drafting this plan, I have considered the views and priorities of communities, responses provided to the consultation, victims of crime, Gwent Police, community safety and criminal justice partners. In addition, my priorities have been developed using an outcome-based approach to ensure they meet the local, regional and national needs.

I have consulted with the Chief Constable in drafting the planned outcomes and measures.

As the first Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent, my vision is to prevent and reduce crime and ASB, support victims and make Gwent a safer place.  To achieve this, I will focus on the following strategic priorities:

·To deliver the best quality of service available.

·To prevent and reduce crime

·To take more effective action to tackle ASB

·To protect people from serious harm

·To make the best use of resources and provide Value for Money

I fully support the Chief Constable’s mission for Gwent Police to be in the top ten police forces by 2016 and through my priorities, we will work together and with others to ensure the delivery of a high quality policing service to the communities of Gwent.

I am supported by the staff of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) who will assist me in discharging my functions as the Commissioner for Gwent.  I will be reviewing the current resources and make-up of the office over the first year of this plan to ensure that I have the correct level of support and expertise to deliver my vision.  The role of the OPCC is vastly different, more complex and demanding than that of the former Police Authority and comparisons between the Authority Secretariat and the OPCC are misleading and unhelpful.  The wider scope of the role includes an increased number of general responsibilities in addition to a greater financial responsibility.

Link to OPCC chart

This plan may be reviewed at any time and it will be kept under review, particularly in light of any recommendations made by the Police and Crime Panel or the annual report, any changes made to the Strategic Policing Requirement issued by the Secretary of State, and views obtained from the community.