Custody Visiting

Custody Visiting

Independent Custody Visitors are members of the public from your local area; they come from all walks of life and from all sections of the community because it is crucial that all people in our society are represented.

Whilst there are no formal qualification requirements for Independent Custody Visiting, in order to prevent any possible conflict of interests and to maintain the independence of this work, the following basic appointment considerations will apply:

Independent Custody Visitors

  • Must be over 18
  • Must not be justices of the peace, serving police officers or civilian employees or special constables.
  • Will not be appointed if appears to be a conflict of interest for people working in other areas of the criminal justice system; for example, solicitors and members of the probation service. (However, after careful consideration it may be concluded that there is no actual conflict of interest because of the location of visits or because subjects of work covered by these individual workers are not related in any way to the detention process).
  • Work as volunteers and only receive expenses incurred whilst carrying out their roles
  • Need to have a good understanding of the English - or Welsh, when appropriate - language as all the guidelines, reporting and recording procedures are written or spoken in English or Welsh
  • It should also be noted that having a criminal record or unspent convictions is not an automatic barrier to becoming a custody visitor. Once such a record is disclosed, the individual circumstances relating to an application will be assessed against the needs of the post and the suitability of the application.

Basically, all appropriate applications from members of the public are considered on their own merits.

Once a person has applied to their local Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner on a standard application form, suitable applicants will be invited to attend an interview to discuss their application and suitability further.

Any specific queries about recruitment should be directed to:

The Scheme Administrator,
Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent,
Police Headquarters,
NP44 2XJ

Tel: 01633 642200 or email.

Volunteering Opportunity

Sorry, there are no vacancies available at this time.

Volunteer Agreement

The Volunteer Agreement describes the arrangement between the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Gwent and all Custody Visiting volunteers. 

Volunteer Agreement

Independent Custody Visiting Scheme

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner's Independent Custody Visiting Scheme Handbook.


If you would like further information please visit the Independent Custody Visiting Association website.

Monitoring of Independent Custody Visiting Scheme

The Commissioner has a statutory responsibility under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 to monitor the Independent Custody Visiting Scheme.

The minutes of each meeting are published in line with the Commissioners monitoring responsibilities.

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The annual custody visiting update report was monitored by the Commissioner