Current Consultations

Current Consultations

The Commissioner's office runs a number of consultations through the year.  This page will be updated with current consultation information as it takes place.

Current Consultations

Consultation Findings

Precept Consultation 2017/18  Appendix

Have Your Say on the Police and Crime priorities for Gwent 2016/17  Appendix

Key Themes from Consultations and Engagement during 2016/17 to inform the Police and Crime Plan for 2017/21

Precept Consultation 2016/17

'Are We Fair?' - informing the new Strategic Equality Plan for Gwent 2016-2020

Your Policing - Your View 2015

Precept and Priorities Consultation 2014

Community Remedy and Community Trigger 2014

Police and Crime Plan 2013-2017 - consultation responses were considered and incorporated into the finalised Plan.