The Commissioner has the powers to commission services and award grants to organisations or bodies to assist him in delivering the priorities in his Police and Crime Plan.

The Commissioner will work effectively with other community safety and criminal justice partners in the Gwent area and beyond. Their work will include influencing how all parties prioritise and bring together their resources to tackle local problems and priorities. They will be free to pool funding with partners and will have flexibility to decide how to use their resources.

The term 'Commissioning' is simply the cycle of assessing the needs of the people in an area, designing and then securing the appropriate service.

Working with partners across the local landscape, there is a need to develop a common approach to a range of crime and community safety issues, and the Commissioner will look for the best ways of engaging with these partners in order to achieve influence locally. Therefore, the Commissioner currently operates 3 tiers of commissioning activity:

Tier 1 - Positive Impact Fund

Tier 2 - Partnership Fund and Commissioning Fund; and

Tier 3 - Strategic Commissioning

Details of the activity undertaken across all three tiers are reported six monthly to the:

Strategy and Performance Board;
Joint Audit Committee; and
Police and Crime Panel.