Have you been stopped and searched?

Have you been stopped and searched?

If you have been stopped and searched in Gwent the Commissioner would like to hear about your experience.

By filling in a short questionnaire you can help us improve the way Gwent Police officers stop and search people.  Although there are a few basic questions about you, we will not be able to identify who has provided feedback.  

Take the Stop and Search Experience Survey   

If, for any reason, you are stopped and searched more than once, you can complete the survey each time - this will help us find out whether people's experiences are changing.

Responses will be regularly evaluated and fed back to the Commissioner and Chief Constable to help inform their discussions on the use of stop and search in Gwent.

Please note: if you feel you have been treated unfairly during a search, the survey cannot be used to make a complaint.  Information on how to complain is available on this website.